Data Ticket Inc. - Introduction

About Data Ticket Inc.


Data Ticket is California certified small business that focuses all our energy on providing the software and services our clients require to manage effective and efficient data processing. Founded in 1989, we initially focused on delinquent parking citation collections; however, in the years since we have grown our Solution in the following areas:


  • Full-service parking citation processing and collections
  • Full-service administrative citation processing and collections
  • Electronic parking citation issuance
  • Electronic administrative citation issuance
  • Electronic moving violation software
  • Permit issuance and management
  • Tow management


We are confident our knowledge and attention to detail will exceed your expectations as you look to partner with a company to aid in the collection of parking and administrative citations.


We understand selecting a company to represent a City, County, University or other public agency, is an arduous process and we understand the importance of partnership. Our partnerships with over 400 clients nationwide have taught us the importance of communication, attention to detail, and flexibility. It is those three traits that most reflect Data Ticket’s approach to business.


Please browse our website to view additional information about us, our services, and how we may be of benefit or assistance to your agency. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or if you would like additional information about our services.

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